18/01/2014 The Pictish Trail, Freschard + The Middle Ones

Saturday 18 January 2014
Union Chapel - Compton Terrace, London, N1 2UN.
Free Entry* | RSVP on facebook
The Pictish Trail + video / Freschard Bandcamp + video / The Middle Ones + video

Hangover Lounge presents:

The Pictish Trail is the nom-de-plume of Eigg-based singer-songwriter Johnny Lynch, The Pictish Trail’s psych-folk-pop solo output snaps to a diverse creative grid among a plethora of other outlets for his musical creativity. Be it crafting furiously danceable electronica together with London-based multi-instrumentalist Adem in the guise of Silver Columns – whose 2010 album Yes, And Dance was hailed as “A Glorious Curveball of a Record” by Q – or making In Rooms, a 2011 side-project mini-album containing 50 songs each 30 seconds long. Or since the summer of 2013 running his own DIY micro-label and musical collective Lost Map, having for ten years before that helmed the cherished and highly respected Fence Records.

Clémence Freschard releases her latest album Boom Biddy Boom on orange vinyl in a handmade sleeve in January 2014 on WIAIWYA records You can expect some Francoise Hardy vocals, some Jonathan Richman gusto, and some Lieber & Stoller songwriting, played with a relaxed Lou Reed guitar, a gentle Parisian swing, a nod to calypso, a country twang and some yé-yé innocence…. a bit of Each and Every One-era Everything But The Girl, a trace of early Herman Dune, and elements of everywhere Clémence has lived and everyone she has played with.

The Middle Ones take a little Mo Tucker, mix in some Marine Girls, Mary Lou Lord and a Moldy Peach and make lovely, heartfelt, joyous, charming anti-folk indie-pop... and they’ve got a new single about two of their friends out on wiaiwya.
Anna Knowles and Grace Denton have to date released two albums, an ep in a scrapbook sleeve, played countless tours and been the musical accompaniment to an Edinburgh show

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