• 09/07/14 20/06/2014 Barbican Programme Notes Every time I hear sounds, I see pictures. Then, I start getting ideas. It just drives me crazy' - the words of film director, visual artist, musician and occasional actor David Lynch.
  • 31/03/14 31/03/2014 Barbican Guide Let's start with the first mystery that is the music. A voice on the other end of the phone tells me, 'when you play this to people for the first time everyone has their own explanation about what it is.'
  • 24/03/14 24/03/2014 Barbican Guide As soon as you hear the name David Lynch your mind flickers to life inviting you to picture an incredible cast of dark visceral characters, alternate realities and hallucinogenic visions.
  • 02/03/14 02/03/2014 Barbican Guide The Tyburn Tree is a new sinister song-cycle which dares you to undertake a journey into a maze of music inspired by a long-forgotten London.
  • 06/02/14 06/02/2014 Barbican Guide Caine is the (well tailored and dashing) thread to this evening that features scores from simply some of the best musicians and composers
  • 24/01/14 24/01/2014 Barbican Guide Max Richter’s debut album Memoryhouse is the work of someone with an overactive imagination, a first glimpse into the mind of a composer, arranger, producer, piano player and devourer of music and literature.
  • 14/02/12 14-12-2012 Barbican Guide I had the once in a lifetime chance to spend thirty minutes in a taxi with one of the most influential composers around today Philip Glass. Nicely poignant as he spent a great deal of the time in the 70s as a New York taxi driver.