Haiku Salut Lamp Show 11/10/2014

with Astronauts
Saturday 11 October 2014 8pm
St John on Bethnal Green - 200 Cambridge Heath Rd, London E2 9PA
tickets | Haiku Salut website + bandcamp | Astronauts website + video

Almost a year to the day that Haiku Salut brought their spellbinding lamp show to the atmospheric surroundings of St John on Bethnal Green, the trio return to the church for another magical evening of dancing lamps and instrumental wonderment. They've spent most of the year working on their second album, which is now getting very close to completion. They've also written a book of haikus, "Japanese Poems Steal Brains" - illustrated by Katrine Brosnan, the artist responsible for the beautiful sleeve of their debut album, "Tricolore" - which will be on sale for the first time at this show.

The lamp show features twenty or so vintage lamps which are programmed to flash, fade and flicker in time to the music. The band have done this show three times now, and each performance was mesmerising, joyous, emotional and quite unique, like watching electronica come alive.

"A collection of vintage lamps of varying sizes is scattered around the front of the church and flick on and off in time to the music. How it’s done leaves most of the audience scratching their heads and trying to work it all out as they file out of the church an hour or so later, but during the show they’re happy to sit in awe as a chap with a Mac taps away, leading the light orchestra." - Music OMH

Support comes from Astronauts the new project from Dan Carney, formerly of critically-acclaimed East London alt-folkers Dark Captain. After his former band finished in 2012, Dan decided to go it alone, enlisting the help of a few friends – most frequently former bandmate Michael Cranny – as and when he needs it.

Debut single ‘Skydive’ arrived in June to great acclaim, climbing into the top ten on hypemachine and staying there for over a week! Then followed a rush of critical praise. Skydive is a cascading, gently menacing mish-mash of creaking acoustic guitar, bleeps, electronic beats, and breathy vocal harmonies, which tell a tale of escape from constraint and freedom to fly unchecked through the air. The Hollow Ponds album is out now and the response has been as warming and heartfelt as the music

This is a joint promotion between Arctic Circle and How Does It Feel To Be Loved?