21/11/2013 Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo

Wednesday 21 November 2013
Union Chapel - Compton Terrace, London, N1 2UN.
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Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo - Hailing from Bridgetown, Western Australia, Emily Barker is a compelling songwriter with a gift for weaving melody and words. Together with her band The Red Clay Halo, she has recorded three albums, dazzled audiences at music festivals and seen her song ‘Nostalgia’ become the Bafta-winning theme tune to BBC One drama Wallander starring British actor Kenneth Branagh. February 2011 saw the release of Almanac, attracting loads of plays on BBC 6 Music, Radio 2 and Radio 4’ Loose Ends. A stream of sold-out UK tour dates followed, culminating in a rapturously received show at London’s St Giles-In-The-Fields church at which Almanac was performed in its entirety including a stunning, stark version of Pause. This song has since been used as the theme tune to the BBC2 noir thriller The Shadow Line which received critical acclaim. The band’s albums are entirely self-financed and released on Emily’s own imprint Everyone Sang.

**“This is a gorgeous, sincere voice that grabs you and won’t let go” - The Sun
“Stripped free of studio frippery and all the better for its carefree simplicity” - Q Magazine
"The hills have yet to be emptied of gold if you know where to look.” - The Times**

Chris T-T - Consistently acclaimed for a decade, restless alt-folk songwriter Chris T-T has influenced a generation of British underground artists, with his unparalleled blend of kitchen-sink heartbreak, fierce radical protest and vivid psychedelic visions. Since 1999 he has released eight albums, most recently Disobedience, a family-friendly collection of A.A. Milne's 1920s poems set to new music. T-T also writes on the arts for The Morning Star and Huffington Post amongst others.

Jonny Kearney & Lucy Farrell - Delicate, haunting and heartbreaking are just a few of the words that have been used to describe Jonny and Lucy’s music. After meeting at Newcastle University 6 years ago, they formed an unlikely alliance – unlikely because Jonny with his bittersweet kitchen-sink dramas, shows sympathy with American storytellers like Dylan and Tom Waits, while Lucy’s traditional folkie upbringing and vocal style couldn’t be more English.