The Hut

Welcome to the Hut; a velvety soft sonic celebration brought to you by Arctic Circle Radio. The Hut is a refuge, a cocoon of the finest in new music, spinning a warm glow from the outer-reaches of the snowy wastelands. Presented and produced by Ben Eshmade (with additional sounds and magic from Sone Institute, the Hut is a one-hour transmission from an intensely beautiful musical world.

  • 07/11/14 66 The Hut Edition 66 with music from Dakota Suite, Arch Garrison, The Go Find, Land Observations, Astronauts and To Rococo Rot.
  • 05/09/14 65 The Hut Edition 65 with music from Automat, Alien Ensemble, A Winged Victory for the Sullen, My Brightest Diamond, Orcas and Ólöf Arnalds.
  • 01/08/14 64 The Hut Edition 64 with music from Polar Bear, Otto A Totland, Joan As Policewoman, Marsen Jules, Timber Timbre, and Throwing Snow.
  • 18/07/14 63 The Hut Edition 63 with music from Jacob Cooper, Mogwai, My Autumn Empire, Chantal Acda, Mark E, Rafter, Ratking and Euro Child.
  • 10/07/14 62 The Hut Edition 62 with music from These New Puritans, Ellis Island Sound, Kreng, Roll The Dice, Collettivo Ginsberg and Hauschka.
  • 04/10/13 61 The Hut Edition 61 with music from Takeshi Nishimoto, Circle Traps, Agnes Obel, Forgotten Birds, Douglas Dare and The National.
  • 27/08/13 60 The Hut Edition 59 with music from Matthew E. White, Serafina Steer, Victoria and Jacob, Robyn Hitchcock, The Memory Band and Soweto Kinch.
  • 12/08/13 59 The Hut Edition 59 with music from Fuzzy Lights, Gill Sandell, Cocorosie, Julia Holter, Rauelsson and Anna Von Hausswolff.
  • 17/01/13 58 The Hut Edition 58 with music from Darren Hayman, Efterklang, Adrian Crowley, Firestations, Meursault and Camera.