66 Haiku Salut

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Edition 66 – Autumn according to Haiku Salut. A collection of songs that are at their best when the weather changes. They say - 'we live in Derbyshire and autumn is quite something here. There are lots of hills and colours. Autumn is the final leg of a never ending cycle so it seemed natural to pick it for the circle mix. It's not uncommon for the weather turning to create feelings of nostalgia and melancholy and we picked the tracks with that in mind. Summer is for pop songs, winter is for hibernating, spring is for new music. Autumn is for gloomy dog walks through trees with your headphones on. "Put one foot in front of the other, forever, never stop" is the first line of Run Forever by Grawl!x which puts a finer point on it.'

  1. Sample from Raymond Baxter's radio commentary on the very first transatlantic transmission of a TV image in 1962.
  2. Pascal Pinon - Ekki Vanmeta
  3. Tunng - Woodcat
  4. Rozi Plain - Sides
  5. The Notwist - One Step Inside
  6. Jon Brion - Phonecall
  7. Soap & Skin - Wonder
  8. Ametsub - 2 Cats
  9. Emphemetry - A Lullaby Hum
  10. The Middle East - Blood
  11. Grawl!x - Run Forever
  12. Jilk - Half Way Voices
  13. Snowbird - Porcelain
  14. Olof Arnalds - German Fields
  15. Cloud - Cars & it's Autumn
  16. Adem - There Will Always Be
  17. Aphex Twin - Aisatsana [102]
  18. The Books - Be Good to Them Always