63 André de Ridder

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Edition 62 - André de Ridder : the starting point for this mix and choice of tracks was actually two things: seeing the piano featured so prominently in new trends of contemporary and neo-classical ambient music, courtesy of auteurs like Nils Frahm and Olafur Arnalds and exploring a connection to existing classics of modern piano music, here represented by such influential composers as Ligeti and Feldman. Morton Feldman formed the link to the music of Mark Hollis, who quotes Feldman as an influence, and again, the piano plays such a crucial role on Hollis' solo album, as do suspended, drawn out wind chords known from Feldman's music. The music of Bell Orchestre (an instrumental band built around Arcade Fire's Richard Reed Parry) has a spectral quality that is inspired by a particular brand of contemporary classical (to which also GF Haas belongs, in his own way, and not far off some of Ligeti's more tonal sound textures). Hans Abrahamsen studied with Ligeti, but his music offers a surprising link to minimalist groovy textures, again using the piano as the central timbre. His piece Schnee begins with a canon, and ends with it's reverse version. the quintessential idea of an arctic circle mix composed in a piece of classical music (this was the other, and 'first' starting point by the way). Larry Goves is a young British composer who made a more electronic record called A Creche For The Lonely And Particular, which somehow combines all the above influences from electronica to spectral instrumental composition. We loved making the transitions. the blurring lines evident (or disappearing) in the choice of music made audible maybe a little more and longer than is comfortable. So we went for it.

Special thanks to Jan Werner/Mouse on Mars who helped me putting this together.

  1. Hans Abrahamsen - Canon 5a from "Schnee"
  2. Nils Frahm -Tristana
  3. György Ligeti - Cantabile, from Musica Ricercata
  4. Mark Hollis - Inside Looking Out
  5. Larry Goves - Radio Tune
  6. Morton Feldman - Triadic Memories
  7. Georg Friedrich Haas - Sextett for Strings, remix: Jan St Werner
  8. Mark Hollis - A Life (1895-1915)
  9. Larry Goves - Victoria to Maidstone
  10. Hans Abrahamsen - Canon 2a from "Schnee"
  11. Olafur Arnalds - Gleypa Okkur
  12. Hans Abrahamsen - Canon 2a from Schnee
  13. Bell Orchestre - Water/Light/Shifts
  14. Hans Abrahamsen - (reverse) canon 5b from "Schnee"