58 Transept

Edition 58 - Transept - "We put the mix together ‘back-to-back’, using Ableton Live and Dropbox. We each took turns to react to the previous track, but with a view to returning to the start point by the end. I guess they largely reflect what we were listening to individually at the time. Weirdly, putting it together kind of felt like a really long improvisation…" download, stream or subscribe + transept website

Philip Glass - Music in 12 Parts (1974)
Pauline Oliveiros - The Beauty of Sorrow
Robert Turman - Flux 6
Lau Nau - Lue Kartalta
Transept - Let's Go
Shane O'Linksi - I've Considered
Goa - Les Étoiles Tombent Du Ciel
Cave - Machines and Muscles
Arnold Dreyblatt - Next Slide
Mecanica Popular - Impresionistas II
Emeralds - Science Center
Tsuruta Kinshi - Yoshitsune
Philip Glass - Music in 12 Parts (1996)