The Circle

Brought to you by Arctic Circle Radio, the Circle is a podcast that takes you on a one-hour journey based on the most simple and significant of shapes. Every Circle is unique; formed from a guest curator’s musical landscape and they all share the same revolutionary quality: each one ends at the point where it began.

  • 08/10/14 66 Haiku Salut Autumn according to Haiku Salut. A collection of songs that are at their best when the weather changes.
  • 22/08/14 65 Disney and Drones I was inspired by a recent concert by the Sun Ra Arkestra at the Barbican to revisit my love of Disney tunes. To hunt out some of the incredible covers by the 'greats' such as Dave Brubeck, Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong.
  • 22/07/14 64 Adrian Crowley I have chosen some music that has followed me and kept me company on my travels around Europe these past two years.
  • 10/07/14 63 André de Ridder André de Ridder Mix The starting point for this mix and choice of tracks was actually two things: seeing the piano featured so prominently and exploring a connection to existing classics of modern piano music.
  • 13/09/13 62 Solaris On a late August Sunday afternoon I spent just under three hours of my life hypnotised by the 1972 Russian film Solaris by Andrei Tarkovsky.
  • 25/08/13 61 Spring Clean I Mixing together some of the overlooked and under appreciated tracks that have found their way into our letterbox or inbox over the last 6 months.
  • 25/08/13 60 Spring Clean II Mixing together some of the overlooked and under appreciated tracks that have found their way into our letterbox or inbox over the last 6 months.
  • 07/12/12 59 Will Samson This mix is a collection of songs by friends, some of my musical heroes, and tracks that have simply been spinning a lot on my record deck lately.
  • 06/11/12 58 Transept We put the mix together ‘back-to-back’, using Ableton Live and Dropbox. We each took turns to react to the previous track, but with a view to returning to the start point by the end.
  • 24/08/12 57 The Lowland Hundred The thought I kept coming back to is summed up by that photo. If a track is a stone and your mind is the still pool, when you hear a track, it makes a splash and its influence ripples out through you.
  • 27/07/12 56 Grasscut This mix is an imaginary circular walk, trying to find an all but lost overgrown path, with music filtering through imaginary trees.
  • 15/07/12 55 Nowherians / The Obi Strip Mix This mix contains music made by Japanese musicians and artists, some are well known and others not so well known outside of their native land.
  • 15/06/12 54 Dollboy Dollboy’s Circle mix has an “Alice” theme and is laced with elements of Jonathan Miller’s 1966 film adaptation of Alice in Wonderland and interwoven with an arts and crafts fantasy of an imagined English mystical tradition.
  • 05/04/11 41 Ben's Day Off This mix was inspired by a late night viewing of Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I found the scene in which the hero visits the Chicago museum really touching.
  • 31/03/10 31 Mix for Vashti Bunyan Fat Cat's Dave Howell put together this fascinating mix as a letter to the singer...